Unfortunately, a lock and key can no longer keep you secure. There are physical security threats in today’s security world, such as someone stealing your purse, wallet, or the last slice of cake you’ve been saving in the office fridge… and there are digital security risks, such as hackers stealing sensitive data, intellectual property, and confidential knowledge.

Traditionally, physical and digital protection were considered to be different problems with separate solutions, but that is no longer the case. The simplest example of the physical and digital security realms colliding, and both being compromised is a lost or stolen laptop. The simplest example of an all-encompassing approach is elevated, smarter access control.

Organizations used to assume that assessing building protection once a year was appropriate – on a normal day when inspectors turned up and simply checked that the emergency escape routes were clear. The benefits of introducing access control and the degree of physical protection at your workplace should be a much bigger part of the discussion around the whole company’s security today. Organizations need to know where and when people are in the workplace in order to keep themselves and their staff safe. Controlling office access can be tedious and demanding, especially with changing organizational needs, contractors, visitors, and the requirement of flexible hours for employees. Especially in light of today’s antiquated methods of gaining access to one’s office:

Mobile passwords are used to monitor access to the modern workplace. The easiest and most user-friendly way to grant access credentials is via a smartphone. In our daily lives, we already use our mobile devices for everything: shopping, home surveillance, and adjusting our thermostat. It’s past time for the workplace to catch up with the rest of the world. Smartphones and smart watches, for example, embrace existing encryption and communication technologies, allowing for a more layered and efficient approach to security.

Furthermore, handling guest access has never been easier or more reliable than with a smart access control solution. When you use a cloud-based, mobile forward access control solution like Open Path, you can text a temporary access code to an outside contractor or guest that can be tracked and monitored through the cloud and then expires quickly. The administrator has real-time visibility and can access the office security system from anywhere through the cloud. This gives both the employer and the guest peace of mind, understanding that only those who need to enter do so. Even if the doors are usually open during working hours, you do have the option to “lockdown” the building if an uninvited guest tries to enter.

Security and safety efforts are never easy; they are often a drain on an organization’s efficiency, and they are seldom combined with ease or personalization in the processes. Rest assured, however, that an investment in access control is well worth it. Organizations gain greater insight and visibility into what is actually going on in their workplaces, while also enhancing the day-to-day experience of their employees, thanks to easy-to-use access tools. It’s important to invest in the right hardware up front in order to future-proof the security system that will most likely monitor the office doors for several years. When reviewing vendors and systems, look for a modern access control system that uses mobile credentials, cloud-based applications, and scalable deployment models. It’s more safe, easier to handle, and better suited to today’s workforce.

The Importance of Cloud-Based Mobile Access Control

Open Path solves many of the problems that old legacy systems cause by offering a mobile-ready, cloud-based Smart Office access control solution – a simpler and more holistic approach to making the office both safer and smarter.


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