In terms of access control systems, the goal is to decrease the overall risk of unauthorized access to specific areas in a building. As a result, these systems are designed to help protect both people and property, as well as restrict access with the assistance of certain credentials.

Even though these systems will oftentimes set off an alarm whenever a specific door is either left open or forced ajar, some information isn’t able to be obtained other than what is gathered from credentials and/or access control readers, meaning that extra protection such as closed circuit television systems can offer images both recorded and live; however, what they cannot do is offer associations with events happening at a specific door with the feed from an associated camera unless an alarm is set off.

Successfully integrating ACS CCTV systems is a task that will enable all of the different benefits of access control systems and closed circuit television systems to be combined, as this will improve how much security is offered.

When it comes to closed circuit systems, these can be implemented in order to constantly record on DVR or NVR networks, as well as whenever any motion is detected. Furthermore, timestamps will also be available on every video frame.

Timestamps can also be used on access control systems since they are recorded against records for events for all controlled doors. Whenever credentials are used to gain access to an area, a timestamped event will record who holds the credentials themselves, as well as if access was actually permitted. If no credential was presented, the event will be recorded as an alarm, which translates to a forced entry.

Perhaps the biggest advantage involving integrating ACS CCTV systems is utilizing a certain IP camera with a specific door. In other words, by integrating an access control software package, the possibility will exist to immediately react to any type of alarm, thereby being able to view video for the door associated with the camera. As a result, security will be available for a building that will be much more enhanced in nature.

It’s also important to note that not every manufacturer will integrate ACS CCTV systems, as the process is reliant upon work between the systems themselves by both the manufacturer and a software development kit. This type of integration will offer a suitable professional with a way in which they can monitor a building’s security, thereby being able to access an events database that features an overview of both the system itself and its usage, as well as access to images that have been recorded involving events related to certain doors.