Being extremely expensive, one of the biggest threats to homes is something we all enjoy every day.
Water damage from cracked pipes or appliances costs homeowners and insurance an incredible amount of money each year. Like most security problems, it transpires quickly, without notice, and out of sight. From weakened ceilings to moldy basements, water damage is nasty and dangerous. And there is a solution!
Welcome’s Smart Water Valve + Meter, available for your homes and businesses. API – It uses modern technology to expose leaks and close them off automatically. It is part of a whole home Water Management solution; it will respond accordingly to drips and leaks throughout all areas of your home and assists you in using water more efficiently.
Here’s what makes this new technology a smart choice for your home and personal comfort.
Automatic Flood Shutdown
When a pipe or hose starts to lose water, your number one priority is to turn off the water. If you’re home and notice the leak you can avoid disaster. If not, you’re flooded.
The Smart Water Valve + Meter corrects everything. It is installed at your main water supply; the internal meter will notice large leaks and notifies your smart home security system. Your system then triggers the onboard actuator, turning off the valve and shutting the water off to keep damage minimal.
By the time the alert reaches your phone, all of the important action has been taken care of, saving you from breaking the bank with damage repairs and keeps possessions from ruin.
Whole-Home Water Protection
With plumbing being hidden under cabinets or underground, leaks and drips go unnoticed.’s integrated Water Management technology notices problems you don’t, with a wireless sensor that notifys the security system of the leaks behind appliances, sinks, etc.
The Smart Water Valve + Meter will find a variety of other problems that cost money. The smart meter will assist in detecting stubborn leaks or running toilets that will contribute to costly water bills over time. It alerts you of needless water consumption at home or a rental property. It will even send alerts with water pipes are at risk of freezing in the winter.
Intelligent Responses, Easy Controls API – Being integrated with your security system, the Smart Water Valve + Meter knows when you are and are not at home and responds accordingly. An example, if you are taking a long shower at home, it will alert you of overconsumption but will not turn off the water. On the other hand, if you are away and left a sink running, the water will automatically shut off to have water. Whole-home intelligence will know and act accordingly.
Using this system is simple. Once your provider has completed installation, the controls will be in the app, right next to your security system, smart locks, smart thermostat, and security camera feeds.
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