Home security worries don’t stop at the front entrance. When our neighbors become victims of crime or report questionable activity, we worry about all of those around us too.
The good news is that many folks are proactive about tackling these worries. Teaming up with neighbors is one of America’s best home security measures, according to Alarm.com research. Half of all neighbors say they let one another know about sketchy activity and keep an eye on each other’s homes when traveling.
When you work together and communicate. It is easy to create a safe neighborhood. Here are some ways to start.
Get to Know Your Neighbors-
The first way to help keep your neighborhood safe is to connect with those around you. Reaching out and building trust between each other will make it easier to team up on safety and crime prevention.
If you cannot connect face to face, use the internet. Create a neighborhood FaceBook page if there isn’t one already set up. This is an easy way to connect with one another, share your concerns about unusual activity, local misdeeds, and keep everyone informed. Check to see if your local police department has its own FaceBook page and follow them as well.
Use Smart Security Cameras to Observe Activity
Burglars, package thieves, and scammers often return. Smart security cameras will assist in capturing these unwanted visitors in the act of committing their crimes.
Alarm.com’s smarter video alerts will help catch unusual activity and they are simple to download and share via text message, email, and social media. The videos could give the information that the police department needs to identify and capture a relentless thief.
Get a Security System for Your Home
Prevention is another advantage of security cameras: they point out that you and your home are protected by a security system. Most thieves will look for alarm signs and cameras when choosing a target and can go elsewhere if they see them.
Alarm.com cameras Dallas – Your home security system won’t easily move crime to your neighbors’ house either. Research by Rutgers suggests that these systems have a widespread protective effect. With each home that has a security system the more protection your neighborhood has, and the less likely your homes will be a target.
Connect with a security professional in your area that provides Alarm.com technology. Millions of homes and communities in America are protected by security professionals and make home security easy.
Remain Connected with Smart Technology
Alarm.com cameras Dallas – Good security systems will send alerts to your smartphone about questionable activity around your home. With Alarm.com, you can allow your neighbors to receive these alerts too. They may not want to know everything that happens around your home but will be interested to know if your cameras detect unusual activity in the night.
During the summer and holiday vacation seasons, an Alarm.com powered smart lock allows for easy access to the person taking care of your animals and/or plants. You are able to remotely allow entry from your smartphone app or allow a user code for independent access that you can track.
Interested in Alarm.com?
Keeping your home and neighborhood safe with Alarm.com is easy. Contact your local security professional, we are happy to help.
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