You have patiently waited all year to go on vacation. You planned, daydreamed, saved up, and packed your suitcase. The family is excited to go on a much-deserved trip. Then you hit the road and leave all your daily worries behind you.
And then it creeps into the back of your mind. Did I turn off the iron? Did we close all the windows? Did I pull the towels out of the washing machine? Is my home going to be the target of a burglar?
Smart home security is the new way to manage things at home and still enjoy your vacation. On your next vacation, all you will need is a smartphone with the app and these top worries will be under control.
  1. Home Security Worries
When Travel door lock, protects your home, there is no reason to worry about whether you forgot to close the garage door, locked the back door, or even turned on the alarm. will let you know and there is no reason to go back home. You will also have professional security monitoring. If your home is targeted, will alert the monitoring station, who then alert the police department for you.
  1. Pet Worries
If you have a pet sitter, you can set up a temporary user code with The code will unlock the door and send a confirmation alert when the pet sitter uses it. If they forget the code, you can always unlock the door remotely using the app on your smartphone.
  1. Package Theft Concerns
Are you concerned about your online purchases being left at the front door while you’re on vacation? Yes, and you should be, as it indicates that no one is home. When your package arrives your doorbell camera will alert you, simply verify your driver with one-way video and unlock your door for the package to be left inside, you can lock up and relax.
  1. House Concerns
When you are regularly home small problems can be easy to spot and manage. When you are gone for a work trip or vacation a tiny leak can become a flood. If a window is left open your AC will continuously run. Travel door lock will allow you to worry less. Water sensors will alert you to contact a plumber- it can even trigger a water shut-off. Your smart thermostat will correct itself until the window is closed. If your smoke detectors are set off, your monitoring station will know what steps to take.
With smart technology your worries will be taken care of and you can go enjoy your time away from home and know that you will be taken care of. Contact a local security provider and find out how will benefit you.
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