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Motion detectors are at the heart of your home security system, sensing at the earliest moment that an unwelcome intruder is present in your residence or on your property. The role of motion detectors in your home security system is a vital one because it is a kind of central hub for the system. The main purpose of motion detectors is to sense intruders and alert a resident (via a smart phone app or by your security system monitoring company), so that he or she can get to safety and/or call in the local authorities to apprehend any intruders.

Motion detectors have sensors that operate when you program them to do so, whether you are present in the home or on the property, or if you are not at home. Motion detectors can alert you to movement anywhere in the home; they can alert you via app notification, by turning on lights, or triggering the doorbell if someone approaches the front entry. Some security system motion detectors are even programmable such that they can be used to activate security cameras to record whenever motion takes place. If you are not present in the home, your security system monitoring company will be alerted via the control panel in your home, so they can send law enforcement officers or firefighters as required.

There are basically two categories of motion detectors—active and passive—each of which has different types of sensors used for motion detection. The basic difference between active and passive motion detectors is that active ones (also called radar-based motion detectors) have sensors that are triggered to set off an alarm based on the disruption of a signal from energy waves (e.g. ultrasonic, microwaves, etc.); while most passive motion detectors have sensors that respond to variance in radiation or temperature signals. The type of motion detectors used in home security systems are equipped most often with passive infrared sensors (PIR). These PIR sensors detect infrared energy from body heat. (Motion detectors with PIR sensors should be installed away from HVAC vents, as the sensors are easily triggered by sudden, slight temperature changes.)

Home security systems with motion detectors are highly effective for protecting property, possessions, and loved ones from unnerving events from burglaries to in-home assaults. When installed correctly by a professional team of home security specialists, they benefit residents through accurate alerts with few false alarms. And when combined with other security system options (such as window sensors and glass break sensors), security systems with motion detectors further benefit residents by providing even greater security and peace of mind.

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Written by: Erika Mehlhaff