Perhaps one of the most common factors regarding the debate involving apartment key fobs versus physical door locks involves the overall pros and cons of the key fobs themselves. For instance, these include whether they save money if they’re much more effective than more traditional locks, if they’re actually good for rental properties, and if the technology itself is both dependable and secure. All of these are important to be addressed in terms of decreasing expenses in multifamily apartment buildings.

Generally defined, apartment key fobs are special electronic access control systems that utilize RFID technology with a special ID in order to enable keyless entry into a location. The key fobs themselves are equipped with a unique serial number, as well as the personal information of the user.

These types of key fobs can be used in the following locations:

*Parking garage

*Storage locker

*Front entrance

*Common space entrance

*Individual unit entrance

Oftentimes, these fobs are most common in condominium developments; however, they can also be present in smaller-sized multifamily apartment buildings as well.

Some of the most common benefits of apartment key fobs include the following:

*More centralized access, meaning that access control will be able to be centralized thanks to a single system and you will no longer have to worry about keeping track of multiple physical keys, as well as dealing with locksmiths and key cutting.

*Not getting locked out, meaning that if a tenant ends up losing their key and getting locked out of a building as a result, they will be able to be permitted to obtain temporary remote entry.

*No more physical keys, meaning that thanks in large part to electronic door locks, you will no longer have to concern yourself with replacing any lost keys, as well as keeping a lockbox with all of your keys to every single individual unit.

*A home security system, meaning that since you will have a more centralized database, you will be able to successfully audit all of the comings and goings of all tenants whenever it’s required for reasons involving both security and safety.

*Decreasing the overall need to be onsite, meaning that in the event that you have someone coming into a building on a temporary basis, such as a realtor, contractor, etc., you will be able to issue access keys to these professionals that are time-sensitive in nature in order to reduce the need for a manager to have to be physically present.

Despite the fact that there are virtually dozens of apartment key fob suppliers, the truth is that they still have a similar structure, as well as similar components, with the central hub generally including some type of base station.

Some of the other main components of an apartment key fob system include the following:

*Access card readers

*Door sensors


*Key fob

*Alarm systems


*Security cameras


*Push-to-exit buttons

*Smart lock

Other similar types of technologies that are available to assist with access control to units also include the following:

*Manual/digital keypads with pin codes

*Individual unit smart locks


*WiFi enabled door locks that are able to connect to smartphones to allow for access


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