Perhaps one of the biggest assets that any homeowner can always take advantage of in terms of safety devices is a fire alarm system. In fact, according to statistics from the National Fire Protection Association, there were approximately more than 354,000 house fires every year between the years 2013 and 2017, which resulted in an annual average of 2,620 deaths and 11,220 injuries. The most common causes of these fires were from the following incidents:



*Electrical distribution

*Lighting systems


In terms of fire alarm systems, this is something that includes all sorts of components and features that are designed to help keep those who reside in a home completely protected, such as the following:

*A primary and secondary power supply, which includes batteries

*Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors

*Audible alerts

*Pull stations and other similar initiating devices

*Control panels

Fire alarm systems are safety devices that also have all sorts of advantages associated with them as well. Here are three of the most major ones to consider making note of.

*First and foremost, perhaps one of the most major benefits of fire alarm systems is the fact that they can help to detect a fire early. Thanks to a visual and audible signal, you will be able to get to safety almost immediately after a fire starts in your home. Once the alarm system itself has been triggered, you will be able to use a fire extinguisher to help protect both your home and your belongings, as well as ensure that you are able to get your family to safety. Furthermore, being able to detect a fire early can also help you to avoid any form of serious destruction or damage, making something like this even more important. Additionally, this type of safety device is also useful in helping to alert firefighters quickly, meaning that they will be able to better minimize any damage to your home.

*Another major benefit of fire alarm systems is the fact that they can result in you being able to obtain discounts on your insurance. By installing this type of safety device, you will be able to save money on your homeowners’ insurance policy, as this will show your insurance provider that you are taking responsibility and are getting fully prepared for any and all unexpected events. Additionally, instant preparation for a possible fire, as well as quick action, can also help to decrease the overall amount of an insurance claim as well, meaning that your alarm system itself will be able to go a long way in helping you to qualify for a discount on your insurance policy.

*One other major benefit of a fire alarm system is being able to avoid the risk of smoke inhalation. This type of danger is considered to be the leading cause of death in relation to house fires as opposed to both flames and heat. In fact, a mix of chemicals, gases, smoke, and particles can end up causing issues such as mucus membrane and skin irritation to respiratory distress, airway collapse, and swelling. Failing to obtain medical assistance as quickly as possible can result in smoke inhalation also causing suffocation, as well as death. Thanks to the use of a fire alarm system, you will be able to also ensure your own protection against other dangerous substances such as ammonia, hydrogen cyanide, carbon monoxide, and other similar gases that can be found in smoke.


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