Oftentimes, when people think of home security, they tend to focus on one single aspect of it, which is protecting their home from burglars and other similar intruders. Unfortunately, this means that other important security features end up getting completely ignored. In fact, many modern home security systems are considered to be multi-faceted in terms of keeping your home protected from more than just simple intruders.

Here are three of the most amazing benefits of home security systems to consider making note of.

*First and foremost, perhaps one of the most amazing benefits of home security systems is carbon monoxide detection, especially since many home security systems can also double as life safety systems. Generally defined, carbon monoxide is a gas that is both odorless and colorless that comes from the insufficient burning of fossil fuels. This is something that can be the result of issues such as malfunctioning furnaces and improperly vented fireplaces. According to statistics, approximately 50,000 individuals end up getting hospitalized every year as a result of carbon monoxide poisoning. Thankfully, however, many professional home security systems can come included with monitored carbon monoxide detectors, meaning that at the first sign this dangerous gas is detected, the monitoring center will alert the proper authorities and dispatch them to your home.

*Another great benefit of home security systems is water leak detection. Many modern home security systems have the ability to detect water that pools in locations within your home that normally should remain dry. In terms of the water leak detectors themselves, these contain sensors that send a signal to the alarm panel whenever they are triggered, thereby detecting a water leak before any major damage is able to be done. According to statistics, approximately 14,000 individuals experience water damage in their homes and business every single day, which results in approximately thousands of dollars in repairs having to be made. At the same time, around 98% of basements in homes are also expected to be the victims of water damage throughout the course of their lifetimes.

* Low-temperature monitoring is another amazing benefit of home security systems as well. Even though a security system isn’t physically able to prevent a season such as winter from occurring, it is able to protect your home from the inclement weather elements themselves. More specifically, low-temperature sensors are designed to provide assistance in notifying you in the event that your home gets colder than it normally is supposed to. The main benefit of this is to help with preventing pipes from getting either cracked or burst thanks in large part to HVAC units that have either broken or malfunctioned. Generally, these types of monitors are a great tool for homes that are situated in states that are notorious for more harsh winter seasons thanks in large part to the fact that the sensors themselves feature adjustable temperature settings. Furthermore, they also work great in homes that remain vacant for a period of a few months at one single time.


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