Burglary alarm- Chances are that while walking throughout your neighborhood, you’ve more than likely seen some form of yard sign that details that a home is protected by some form of a home security company. Generally, these types of signs are designed to serve as a warning to any and all potential burglars that the home itself is protected by a professionally-monitored security team.

Oftentimes, many security companies offer yard signs to customers as a way to provide a deterrent, as well as to let all of their neighbors know that they can protect their homes too. Despite the fact that many of these types of signs are legitimate, fake signs have also grown in popularity throughout the years. Furthermore, counterfeit yard signs are also available online to purchase, with many supporters of them seeing them as a much cheaper alternative to more expensive home security systems.

The truth of the matter is that yes, yard signs actually work as proper deterrents against burglaries. In fact, studies show that approximately 40% of convicted burglars took yard signs into account when making a decision about whether or not to break into a home. This indicated that while the signs act as a deterrent, they don’t act as a fail-safe preventative method.

This same study also indicated that experienced burglars with actual experience would be more likely to plot out their crimes much more methodically and are also more aware of the fake sign craze as well. This is because many of the fake signs are different than the ones made available by legitimate security companies due to copyright issues. Despite the fact that the changes may be minimal in nature, experienced burglars will still notice the differences.

Even more alarming is the fact that an astonishing 83% of burglars admitted that they determined whether or not an alarm system was installed prior to moving in on a home. Even though some may take a yard sign into consideration, experienced burglars will be much more likely to take the time to inspect a home from the outside prior to coming to a more informed decision, such as looking at a home in broad daylight.

Another common issue with fake yard signs involves the fact that their overall false sense of security could end up actually putting a home at risk are repeated burglaries. Recent studies show that approximately 33% of burglaries are actually repeat offenses that end up occurring within one or two months after the first burglary itself.

All in all, the one thing that has been proven to be the most effective deterrent against burglaries has been an actual alarm system, as studies show that approximately 60% of burglars took the time to factor visible cameras into their overall decision to force themselves into a home or not, which is 20% more than those who made the claim to be deterred by yard signs. Even though a fake yard sign may have a homeowner feel much safer regarding their home, the truth is that only a functional and professionally monitored alarm system can both successfully detect and deter burglars, as well as protect both your home and everything contained within it.


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