If you want to make certain that you do not become a statistic, you are not alone. Homeowners are seeking a better way to secure their property – that won’t break the bank.
Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to attain more home safety that doesn’t come with a whole lot of extra funding. Often, some creative thinking matched with clever decisions is all it takes to make certain that your property is safe from would-be intruders.
Fortify Your Doors and Windows-
Cheap home security systems – While most homeowners do not forget to lock their doors and home windows, sometimes a normal lock isn’t enough. The majority of burglaries occur through the front door despite a deadbolt.
To give your home extra safety, install security strike plates to doors and locks on your windows. Once the burglar realizes entry isn’t going to be easy, they will most likely move on.
Advertise your “Vicious” Dog-
People love their dogs. Burglars however are not very canine-friendly. Even if your pup isn’t the most aggressive attack dog, that doesn’t mean you can’t pretend they are.
Cheap home security systems – Many burglars won’t even approach a home with a “beware of dog” sign. With so much success that you don’t even need a dog for this tactic to work.
Pick a Better Hiding Place for Your Spare Key-
It’s a great idea to have a spare key in case someone needs it, so long as that someone isn’t a burglar. Professional burglars often case homes before they decide to act. Your home is more likely to be invaded if it is obvious that you have a spare key that is easily accessible.
If you do use a spare key, change the hiding spot often. You can also leave your spare key with a neighbor, close friend or use a lockbox with complex code. The more you make your property appear difficult to enter, the less likely invaders will try to enter.
Invest in a Professional Home Security System-
Only 22% of homes in America use a security system. This leaves many homes susceptible to burglars even with other measures in place.
Perhaps some choose to not invest in home safety because the price is an issue. yet there are many available options that will give you increased security without breaking the bank.
In addition to the other tips listed, an affordable, professional home security system will allow peace of mind whether you are at home or away.
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