Commercial Access Control Systems:

One of the most stressful situations to deal with is finding yourself locked out of your business due to walking out and discovering that you’ve forgotten your keys. This is the type of situation that calls for a different solution, such as the installation of a keyless entry system, which will allow for a much easier and more secure access, not to mention also providing for an additional amount of security as well.

Here are four of the most popular types of keyless entry options for businesses to consider making note of.

*Perhaps one of the most popular types of keyless entry options is key fobs, which are a type of electronic device that can be scanned in front of a specific type of reader. The data is then transmitted to a central server, thereby granting access to the building. This is seen as a great option for large-sized businesses not only because the scanned information will always be retained as a form of record of who enters the building, but also that the device can be deactivated whenever an employee ends up leaving the company. Additionally, key fobs can also be completely customized as well.

*Another popular keyless entry option is the intercom, which is generally equipped with both video and enhanced security in order to ensure that whomever comes through a door is fully vetted before actually entering a building. After an individual’s identity has been confirmed, a door release button can then be pressed, thereby allowing the individual to enter the building.

*One other popular type of keyless entry option is the biometric lock, which is considered to be a rather secure option due to the fact that an individual’s identity is required before they can access a building. Furthermore, these locks are time-stamped, which means that business owners can keep track of who enters a building and when. Two-step authentication as a form of enhanced security,┬ásuch as fingerprint scan and a keypad code, are often used.

*The smart lock is considered to be another popular type of keyless entry option. This is because oftentimes, you can access this lock via your smartphone, meaning that you don’t even have to get up in order to lock or unlock a door. Additionally, you can also provide your employees with digital keys so that they can access a building and receive customized notifications whenever the building has been accessed. Furthermore, you will also be able to remotely revoke access to anyone.