As a business owner, you may not think about your security and surveillance systems until you need them. That your coverage may be outdated or suffer gaps or be obsolete.
It may be too far gone to deal with those security shortcomings by the time you recognize them. This is the case in areas where major technological growth, creating more risk than you thought.
Is Your Security Ready?
With the arrival of Covid-19 and new safety and health regulations, people face an entirely new set of demanding situations to guard their employees, clients, and partners. As the Boston Herald notes, a failure in safety could result in a crippling lawsuit that would financially damage a small company.
Commercial building security systems – Members of your organization, or your companions,  could be working remotely in unfamiliar environments or conditions, as mentioned in a recent Boston Business Journal article. Your protection strategies and answers can be vulnerable, given they must operate across geographically distributed regions, or at hours and in circumstances they weren’t designed for.
Protection Assessment and Evaluation
Given the state of present-day affairs, here are 5 signs to consider if you doubt how current and strong your present business security system is. Consider upgrading if:
  1. You can’t view/document activity in important areas for ongoing compliance and safety. This most certainly applies to customer-facing businesses like restaurants and stores. With all the new rules regarding hygiene, you must be able to show that you are following proper distancing and other guidelines.
  2. Your company has changed or grown substantially since the previous alarm/surveillance install. You must regularly amend your infrastructure to match your growth.
  3. You can’t respond in real-time to disruptive or risky situations. Thieves or vandals can strike at your business at any time. Plus, given the diverse restrictions caused by Covid-19, members of the general public have currently established disruptive conduct. A high-resolution camera operating 24/7 into a managed system can enable the fastest, most secure responses.
  4. You lack communication and/or energy redundancy. Thieves are braver than ever. They can take your landline to keep the burglar alarm from reaching first responders. As we’ve previously referred to, you need to have backup communication in place, such as cellular connectivity. Likewise, if the electricity to your building is going out, back up battery power will ensure your alarms stay live until power is back on.
  5. It’s been years since you upgraded your surveillance/alarm systems. High tech criminals never rest. They build new viruses and hacking schemes. You can help defeat that by using ensuring that your community has all of the cutting-edge software devices and safety protocols in place. Can your cameras truly report all that is happening around your facility? High-resolution cameras are constantly improving and enable better visibility on your business and shop floors. Cloud-based solutions will allow further security by allowing securely encrypted off-site video storage and streaming 24/7.
Commercial building security systems – If all or any of these situations apply to you, it’s worth thinking about a safety update. New surveillance and sensing systems will help to keep you and your business safe in this ever-changing and challenging commercial environment.

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