Dallas Home Security Systems. Many young adults attend college away from home and have returned to on-campus dorms and off-campus apartments as they prepare for classes to begin again for this school year. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, college students must pay closer attention to their personal health and well-being than ever before. This means that physical security might not be at the top of their priority lists. But because college and university communities are still subject to physical security threats, it is vital that students know how to protect themselves and keep their belongings secure.

College students should make sure they are aware of dorm and apartment security practices and procedures, and what security measure are in place. They should also explore additional security measures in the form of security products they can add, in the interest of protecting themselves and keeping themselves from being targets of assault. There is a variety of products available for boosting your personal safety; these products are easy to use and inexpensive to add. Read on for part one of this two-part series about the kinds of products that can help you stay safe when you move to your college home away from home. 

  • Personal Safety Devices

Your physical safety is the most important consideration to keep in mind when you move into a dorm or apartment where you go to college. Students frequently walk across campus alone, attend gatherings with people they do not know well, and use rideshare services to get from one place to another; so researching and choosing a variety of personal safety devices is a great first step towards protecting yourself. Some examples of personal protection devices you can choose include standard safety whistles, pepper spray, and mini stun guns. However, there are also several other products available, such as personal safety key chains that sound loud alarms, car emergency tools with glass-breaking tips and seatbelt-cutting blades, and smart watches and jewelry equipped with GPS that can automatically text authorities and/or specifically designated individuals if activated by the push of a button. These valuable products can really offer extra peace of mind to you as you navigate college life.

  • Door and Window Alarms

You can add another layer of protection by having door and window alarms in your dorm or apartment. Some level of resident security is usually included by the college or university or by the apartment owner or management company; but if a dorm room or apartment alarm system is not provided, you can purchase door and window alarms for yourself. These alarms have sensors that are activated when a door or window opens; they can be set to notify you of an entry or exit with a basic chime, or set to signal you that an unwelcome intruder is on the premises with a loud alarm. Door and window alarms are available in a wide range of prices; and most are very quick and easy to install. They are an excellent option for keeping intruders at bay by scaring them, and for alerting you such that you have more time to escape the location if necessary. Door and window alarms are worthwhile additions to your personal safety plan.

Personal safety tools like these are important things to take into consideration as students settle into their dorm rooms and apartments. But there are other security tools that are key for protecting your valuables and belongings. Some of these tools will be presented in part two of this series.

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Written by: Erika Mehlhaff