Fire Extinguisher Inspection Checklist. Regardless of the type of business that you may operate, fire extinguishers are always an extremely important tool to have on your property. This is because an incident such as fire is something that can be rather unpredictable and can happen at any time. 

In order to ensure that the extinguishers are working properly, however, it’s essential to have them inspected every month so that any and all issues are able to be addressed.

Fire Inspection Checklist Texas 

Here are some of the most common details that should always be checked out as part of a monthly inspection of fire extinguishers:

*You will first need to confirm that the extinguisher itself is visible, not obstructed by any other factors, and is in the location in which it’s officially designated to be.

*Ensure that the extinguisher’s locking pin is fully intact and that the tamper seal has not been broken or otherwise damaged. Furthermore, take the time to examine the extinguisher and make sure that there is no physical damage, clogged nozzle, leakage, or erosion.

*Make sure that the extinguisher’s pressure gauge or indicator is always in the operable position or range. Additionally, physically pick up the extinguisher in order to ensure that it is still full.

Fire Inspection Requirements

*Take the time to ensure that all operating instructions stated on the nameplate are not only facing outward, but are also legible as well.

*Look over the extinguisher and verify the previous professional service date on the tag. An extinguisher must be inspected within the last 12 months by a licensed fire extinguisher maintenance contractor.

*Fire Extinguisher Inspection Checklist. Make sure that you both initial and date the back of the tag on the extinguisher. Furthermore, in the event that one or more of your extinguishers needs service or is missing, be sure to contact your local contractor in order to fix these concerns. This includes reporting expired service tags and extinguishers that are either used, missing, or otherwise damaged.