A home fire is a disastrous experience, one that you could never see coming. Children are the ones most at risk when tragedies like these occur. Shockingly, many home fires are ignited by children playing with things that shouldn’t be within their reach. Keeping matches, lighters and flammable objects out of their reach would be a great start to taking sensible precautions. We must teach them the dangers of fires and how to escape if they are faced with this situation.
Fire safety rules – Prevent Your Child from Starting Fires
  The U.S Fire Administration estimates 300 people are killed and $280 million in property is destroyed each year because of children playing with fire.
  1. Keep lighters, matches and flammable substances secured and out of reach of children.
Help Your Child Survive a Fire
  1. Install smoke detectors in every room of your home, especially the bedrooms
  2. Check to make sure your alarm is working properly every month
  3. Replace batteries regularly. Yearly is recommended. If you hear a chirping sound you should replace batteries immediately as this means they are low.
  4. Teach your children what to do when they hear the alarm.
  5. Have at least two escape routes planned and practice them at least twice a year.
  6. Once you are out, stay out
  7. If you have bars on your windows, make sure there is a release device to be able to easily open the window and escape.
  8. Escape ladders are an excellent idea for multi-level homes
  9. Teach the STOP, DROP and ROLL technique.

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