Types of Home Security Systems- There are all sorts of home security systems on the market these days that homeowners are able to invest in depending on their specific needs and wants. Even better is the fact that all of these different systems are designed to protect homes in a variety of methods, such as deterring potential burglars and preventing fires.

According to statistics released in 2015 from the Federal Bureau of Investigation, crimes on properties in the United States took place approximately every 3.9 seconds, with home burglaries and break-ins taking place approximately every 20 seconds.

Here are four of the most useful types of home security systems to consider making note of in the event that you are currently considering investing in one for your own home.

*One of the most useful types of home security systems is the wireless system. This is a system that is considered to be easier to not only install, but also easier to control and update as well. This is also a system that utilizes the exact same cellular signals as your mobile device. Some of the most common benefits of this type of home security system include a simple installation, meaning that you don’t have to rely on an experienced professional in order to complete the job. Additionally, the system also comes complete with factory pre-programming, meaning that the system itself is ready to use the moment it shows up.

*Another of the most common types of home security system is the wired system. In the event that you may be a more traditional individual and prefer a system that is connected with wires to an electrical circuit, then chances are this is the best system for you. A wired system is able to be directly connected to your phone while, at the same time, sending alerts utilizing radio frequency signals. Additionally, a backup battery is designed to ensure that the system itself remains running in the event that the power is disrupted.

*One other of the most common types of home security system is the monitored system. This is a type of system that is constantly tracked by either a team or remote professionals on a 24/7 basis via a state-of-the-art monitoring center and is also operated by a central control panel. Multiple components are able to transmit essential data to a centralized station, which includes sensors for both windows and doors. Additionally, motion sensors are also used in order to completely monitor both the interior and exterior of a home for any and all possible intruders. Furthermore, instruments such as wired and wireless cameras, audible alarms, and security signs are also utilized as well.

*Another common type of home security system is the unmonitored system, which is made up of a control panel, sensors, alarms, motion detectors, and motion-activated cameras. Additionally, visual indicators like lights may also be included as part of this type of system. While this may be triggered in the same fashion as a monitored home security system, an unmonitored system is never tracked in the same manner; however, you will always be able to monitor your home via your computer or preferred mobile device, meaning that you can always receive personalized alerts, arm and disarm, and configure the system itself from your mobile device instead of having to rely on on-site keypads.

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