The features of the best security systems are those that protect your family and loved ones the best. As a result of rapid advancements in home security technoloy, the top security system vendors can now sell more cutting-edge products and services than ever before.

Returning to the fundamentals

Not long ago, the best home security you could hope for was a system that beeped when the door opened and sounded the alarm if you didn’t punch your code in quickly enough. You had a few magnetic sensors, miles of wire hidden in your walls, and a control panel with only cryptic codes to work with. If an emergency happened, the pinnacle of security technology was a device that could send a basic signal down the phone lines.

Some aspects of home protection will always be essential. Sensors, door chimes, and alarms are still needed, and the control panel that can be connected to a remote alarm monitoring service remains at the core of every home security system.

However, in recent years, a range of creative and persuasive features have emerged that significantly expand the functionality of a home security system.

Wireless Technology

The introduction of secure and data-rich technology is one of the most significant advancements in home security. The same drive that allowed smartphones and tablets to liberate us from our desk-bound PC’s now allows for home security installations without the need for drilling, as well as remote monitoring without the use of phone lines. Wireless sensors and cameras are now so efficient and dependable that no major security company can afford to not provide one.

The lifeline link between the home and the central monitoring station has gone wireless, not just the sensors. The telephone line was the most important and weak component of a traditional alarm system. If an attacker knew how to cut the cable, the whole device would be rendered useless. Modern systems are safe with a cellular backup thanks to GSM technology, which is also convenient for many homeowners who have replaced their landlines with mobile phones or VoIP.

Camera Technology

Similarly, developments in video and imaging technology not only gave us mobile megapixels in our webcams and smart devices, but they also substantially increased the importance of video surveillance among home security system features. We now have bright full-colored HD video streams, tucked into devices small enough to blend into our home decor or totally vanish from view, instead of the grainy black-and-white “slideshows” of previous generation surveillance cameras. Remote controls enable us to pan and zoom individual cameras to see exactly what’s going on, and high-capacity DVRs allow us to capture and replay gigabytes of vital camera feed video.

Home Automation

Home automation technology is one of the most exciting fields of innovation. Home automation systems combine two-way wireless communication with mobile app creation to give us unparalleled access to not only see but also monitor what’s going on in our homes from anywhere on the planet. Our smartphones can provide us with real-time information about our security system, and some even allow us to view the feed from our security system’s cameras directly on our screens. You can also use the same app to switch on and off lights, change your thermostat, lock, and unlock doors, and arm and disarm your system.

The primary purpose of any home security system is still to protect against intruders and ire, but technical advancements have greatly expanded the reach. Emergency response is only a touch away for the elderly and disabled with wearable panic buttons. You don’t have to be home when the housekeeper comes to clean because of front door cameras and remote access.

Today’s security systems feature caters to the forward-thinking gadget-love in all of us because of their interesting and creative possibilities. It’s easy to lose sight of the fact that it’s not about what cutting-edge technology can do; it’s about how these devices and services can better help you keep your loved ones and property secure.



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