Home Safety for Seniors- Perhaps one of the biggest and most important concerns in terms of security is the overall safety of senior citizens. With the age of homeowners increasing, this also means that the overall odds of household accidents and emergencies are rising as well. Oftentimes, elderly homeowners and their families will ask for ideas on how they can help to keep their loved ones safe in their own homes.

Here are three of the best ways in which the safety of senior citizens can be improved in their homes.

*First and foremost, perhaps one of the best ways to help improve the safety of senior citizens in the home is the use of wellness monitoring. While many people tend to think of utilizing door contacts as a way to help secure entry points, the truth is that these contacts can actually be used for many other types of purposes. In fact, by placing them on locations such as bathroom doors, medicine cabinets, beds, bedroom doors, and the refrigerator, updates on a senior citizen can be provided throughout the entirety of the day. Additionally, an option such as interactive monitoring can also provide family members with instant notifications regarding events taking place within the home of an elderly family member, such as if a panic alert has been activated.

*Another great way to help with improving the overall safety of senior citizens in the home involves panic devices. One common risk that typically comes to mind in terms of discussing the safety of senior citizens is falls. In fact, according to the National Council on Aging, approximately one in four Americans aged 65 and older end up suffering from a fall every single year. When it comes to panic devices, these can come in many different forms, as both wired and wireless devices are able to be installed in locations of a home where they will most likely be needed, such as the wall behind a bed. Additionally, portable panic buttons can also be worn by an individual, meaning that they can be worn and carried anywhere throughout the residence.

*Two-way voice monitoring is another useful way to help improve the safety of senior citizens in the home. This is an option that permits a central station dispatcher to directly speak to a homeowner through a security system’s speaker. In the event that either a burglar alarm is activated or a panic button is pushed, the homeowner will be able to discuss whatever it is that they may need without actually having to answer a phone. This option is one that can prove to be absolutely invaluable in the event of either a fall or some other form of medical emergency. If any kind of event were to occur that would require immediate medical assistance, then an option such as two-way monitoring is something that can help to save a valuable amount of both time and effort, especially when saving both is extremely important in terms of attending to the individual who is in need of immediate help.

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