Current Spectrum customers who also subscribe to the company’s home security service are currently one month away from not being able to use the equipment that cost them approximately hundreds of dollars. This is because Spectrum has announced that on February 5, they will no longer be offering support to customers who have previously purchased Spectrum Home Security equipment, meaning that devices such as cameras, motion sensors, smart thermostats, and in-home touchscreens will be able to be paired with other types of existing services.

Even though some devices will be able to operate on their own, customers won’t be able to access them via their mobile devices, despite that being the main point of owning a smart device.

One California-based news station interviewed a Spectrum customer who stated that he had spent approximately $900 installing sensors and cameras both in and around his home, who said he contacted the company in regards to converting the total cost of his overall investment into credit toward either his cable or phone bill; however, he said that Spectrum declined, and now the customer feels that the company is essentially running off with his money since he is no longer being provided with a refund.

Charter Communications, the company that owns Spectrum, recently released a statement in which they stated that they were aiming for a more “smooth transition,” claiming that only a small percentage of their customers would be affected by the change.

Charter is one of the biggest telecommunications companies in the United States, acquiring the home security business back in 2016 during the merger with Bright House Networks and Time Warner Cable. Furthermore, Charter decided to discontinue marketing the home security products not long after the merger itself, having indicated their plan to leave the business had been in the works for some time. Despite this, multiple Spectrum customers were notified only last month that the services would be discontinued.

Currently, Spectrum is hoping that they will be able to bring about a better result to all of the customers who are being affected by this situation thanks to “exclusive offers” from other various home security companies, such as Ring. This deal would include a free alarm security kit; however, it would also require Spectrum customers to purchase one full year of professional monitoring for $340. While the deal doesn’t include cameras, customers will receive 25% off any Ring doorbell or camera that costs over $100.

Another deal that is being offered by Spectrum is coming through Adobe, which will cost approximately $179 per year. This specific deal includes a gateway, three window or mini-door sensors, a motion sensor, a key fob, a keypad, a streaming camera, and a “Secured by Adobe” sticker.

As a way to add insult to injury, Charter and multiple other internet service providers have been able to enjoy a major windfall due to the Trump administration’s 2017 tax breaks that were passed by Congress under Donald Trump’s presidency, as well as the deregulatory efforts of the FCC under Chairman Ajit Pai.

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