Moving into a new home is a busy time for families and those who are faced with what looks like a limitless list of chores they must accomplish to bring the house to spec. One of the most vital issues while tackling with work that goes into turning a house into a home is to ensure your property is secure for everyone inside.
Three Home Security Tips for Recent Movers
Check Locks and Latches-
Home security improvements – It seems like a no-brainer, but it’s easy to forget to re-key all the locks on your new home as soon as possible. Most new homeowners may have the front door rekeyed promptly, however it’s critical to make sure that all doorways, back doors, and gates are all done at the same time. This is important because these entryways are frequently not within view, making them an easy point of entry for would-be burglars. Looking at the window latches and locks is important as well, as they can wear out over time and are a low maintenance priority for sellers.
Verify Alarm System-
Your new home might have already had an alarm system set up at some point in the past- something that the real estate agent had pointed out in the buying process. If the alarm system is still functional, the access code should be your first step to being able to arm and disarm the system.
Once that has been taken care of, reaching out to a local alarm provider, and having an expert come to verify the system is key. This means making sure that every sensor is working properly (including fire and smoke detection systems), that the notification system by the alarm system is state-of-the-art, and that the burglar alarm meets your needs. Talking with the service provider about what you expect from your system can lead to suggestions to expand or enhance the current installation to have the features unique to what you need.
If you are moving into a newly built home, ask the agent if the home has been pre-wired for a security system. Because many new homes are pre-wired, all you must do is choose a nearby security company and have them mount the sensors and panel so your home can begin being monitored. If your new or older home isn’t currently pre-wired, there are many easy-to-install wireless systems that will give you peace of mind.
Also, insurance companies offer discounts on homeowners’ insurance when your home has a monitored security system. Your monitoring company can provide you with the necessary information to provide to your insurance company.
Secure Your Perimeter
Home security improvements – In addition to locks and alarm systems, there are a few things to keep in mind while thinking about the safety of your home. Most thieves want to get inside and out of the house as quickly as possible. A well-landscaped lawn offers limited places for the thieves to hide, thanks to manicured trees and shrubs as well as exterior lighting connected to motion sensors- is a wonderful way to keep burglars away. It’s also beneficial stickers or placards are displayed indicating that your home is blanketed by means of an alarm system.

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