When it comes to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the fact of the matter is that the overall number of individuals who ended up having to work remotely increased a great deal, as a vast majority of offices opted to utilize a more remote workforce in an attempt to enforce social distancing policies in order to keep everyone safe. Furthermore, an increased number of companies have also announced that their staffs will remain on a remote basis throughout this current year, with some businesses also taking the time to explore more permanent remote environments as well. This essentially means that businesses will end up having to determine solutions in terms of connecting, managing, and protecting all devices that the business itself owns.

In the case of companies who tend to rely on devices that are made by Apple, this means that they will require Apple Enterprise Management, which is used to help with unifying a fleet of technology devices through a single platform regardless of where the devices or their users may be currently located at the time.

The following can be achieved through Apple Enterprise Management in terms of business security:

*The ability to deploy pre-configured, shrink-wrapped Apple-based hardware to employees who are working remotely, thereby ensuring that they are able to keep their machines as up-to-date as possible.

*Establishing employee machines with a single username and password in order to securely access every application and device.

*The ability to manage every Apple application, inventory, and device both automatically and remotely.

*Being able to protect the entire fleet on a real-time basis thanks to first-class security.

Home security upgrades – Whenever there are multiple amounts of machines in the hands of employees, this means that there will end up being all sorts of confidential data that will end up being out in the world. Thanks to Apple Enterprise Management, however, you will be able to fully protect both your client and company data while, at the same time, ensuring that the lives of all of your employees are much easier thanks to being able to provide more streamlined access to every tool that they will require in order to ensure that they are able to perform their duties.

Home security upgrades – Some of the other important features of this type of business security software include the following:

*Zero-touch deployment, meaning that you will be able to deploy devices to all employees regardless of where they may be located. Furthermore, you will also be able to integrate them with Apple deployment programs in order to automate configuration and enrollment in order to provide a more scalable and zero-touch experience.

*Identity-based access, meaning that all provision devices with applications that are critical to your business in order to be productive will be based solely on an employee’s cloud-identity credentials. All users will be able to utilize a more seamless experience whenever they access applications and the device itself thanks to a single password, which will be synchronized to the local account level even when the password itself ends up getting changed.

*Security management, meaning that the devices themselves can be secured by taking the time to leverage all native Apple security features like enforcing encryption on iOS and macOS, as well as passcodes on iOS. You will also have the ability to restrict any and all malicious software and patch every single one of your Apple devices without having to worry about user interaction.

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