Honeywell is a global leader in fire and life safety that has launched tools from its new suite of Connected Life Safety Services. An all in one platform for fire safety systems.
 Honeywell Cloud – Honeywell’s CLSS suite of tools, built on the Honeywell Forge Platform, permits fire technicians to limit disruption, prove compliance and decrease the time for design, set up, commissioning, inspection, renovation, and reporting of life protection structures.
“Today’s global environment requires the fire and life protection industry to innovate with answers that enable facility managers and system integrators to reveal their systems and diagnose issues each time, from anywhere,” stated Sameer Agrawal, widespread manager, Global Fire Software and Services, Honeywell. “Many centers are running to create more healthy environments and even limiting occupant density to comply with social distancing. With CLSS, we help device integrators provide their customers with the very best degree of safety and service and work effectively by giving the perception into the system trouble before they even get to the location.”
In today’s environment especially, organizations throughout the fire safety chain face several hurdles.


  1. Achieving more with fewer resources-many facility upkeep groups are running with reduced personnel
  2. Managing demanding situations of restricted admissions due to center shutdowns
  3. Dealing efficiently with safety incidents, where dangers continue to be the same at any occupancy stage
Honeywell’s CLSS platform addresses these demanding situations by enabling structure integrators and center control corporations to access the data within a fire system from anywhere, without physically being in front of the panel.
Firetron, the biggest individually owned life safety systems employer in Texas, is using the Honeywell CLSS platform to guide the improvement of compliance statistics for its clients.
Through the utility of digitization concepts and Industrial Internet of Things technology, Honeywell’s CLSS equipment makes it simpler to design, install, check and commission fire systems whilst helping get rid of errors and manual records entry throughout the designing, commissioning, and maintenance methods. This equipment can improve the transport of on-time completion and the handover of a complaint with the applicable reviews, saving channel partners- and free up users- time and money. During scheduled maintenance, CLSS streamlines the verification of compliant fire systems testing and mechanically generates information compliance reports for audit purposes.
Whether using the CLSS smartphone app or a PC, facility managers can monitor their systems and gain access to compliance reporting. This real-time view also permits technicians to troubleshoot remotely, letting them arrive on site with the right equipment the first visit, without a doubt maximizing efficiency and minimizing disruption.
Using CLSS equipment, Honeywell can reassure their users that they are in complete alignment with mandated inspection and upkeep requirements. CLSS automatically captures the testing activity which removes any doubt on which device was tested, when and by the means of whom. It also generates cautioned corrective actions and deliberate maintenance suggestions based on local regulations.
CLSS is covered with great integrated cybersecurity provisions. Honeywell is committed to proactively tracking the cybersecurity panorama, making sure it is recorded thoroughly stored, and securely on hand to accredited users.
 Honeywell Cloud – Delivering complete backward capability, CLSS safeguards investment in legacy structures, at the same time as preparing Honeywell partners and end-users for ongoing virtual transformation. Honeywell’s CLSS platform will keep combining the ultra-modern smart solutions, enabled with the aid of cloud connectivity, to ensure buildings and their occupants are as safe as possible. The CLSS gear is accessible thru a mobile app and internet browser.

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