It’s no secret the amount of sensitive information medical facilities work with and there are strict compliance standards, specialized security, training and staff, transparent policies and procedures, and functional access control equipment which must meet the needs of patients and staff.
Hospital access badge Dallas – Besides having data security, physical security policies and procedures and hospital security staff training each medical facility needs access control protection. Some advanced access control solutions include:
  1. Electromagnetic doors with swipe card access: Staff will need access cards to allow entry into areas the car is granted access. Some visitors and patients will require access cards as well. These can be programmed to restrict access to off limit areas.
  2. Keypad readers with passcodes: This allows entry by typing a code into a reader. The risk being that codes can be shared so there is no way of knowing who can enter.
  3. Biometric access control: This allows fingerprint of iris readers to allow entries into restricted areas.
  4. Cloud based access control systems: Because the information is stored in the Cloud it provides precise reporting by following what happens in real time around the facility. Modern Cloud-based access control apply cable or wireless technologies that bring together many touch points with out the need for heavy staff dependence or security barriers.

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