Read on if you’ve ever wondered, “How do burglars choose which houses to attack?”
We delve into this topic and give you all the details you need to reduce the chances of being a victim of property crime.
What a burglar looks for:
Many burglars go after houses that seem to be simple to break into. They always choose a home by scouting the neighborhood for the one with the most predictable trends of who comes and goes. They also look for houses that are well-kept or have expensive vehicles in the street, as well as properties in more rural or remote areas of the neighborhood.
The best way in for a burglar is through an open window, an unlocked door, or even a pet door (though seeing a dog on the premises can deter a potential burglar.) Most burglars gain access to a home through such entry points, as well as the front door, back door, or garage.
When they are most likely to strike
Burglars like to make their job as simple as possible because if they know you leave for work at 8 a.m. and don’t return before 6 p.m. every day, they’ll most likely strike while you’re gone. Since many people take summer holidays while their children are out of school, this is the busiest time for break-ins. Many people even take vacations during the major holidays, making their homes prime targets for thieves.
Smart burglars keep an eye on what you share on social media. Many people enjoy posting pictures and status updates while on vacation, but these details make your home a prime target for burglars.
How burglars break in:
Thieves who are well versed in the ways of social media pay attention to what you post on social media. Although many people enjoy posting pictures and status updates while on vacation, these details make your home a prime target for burglars.
A burglar may also crawl through the open space by removing the window-mounted air conditioner. Others will carry a crowbar, a credit card, or a bump key, among other things. A bump key, also known as a skeleton key, allows a burglar to easily pick your lock.
How to burglar-proof your home:
How do you keep your meaningful valuables, family heirlooms, and other items safe from being stolen?
Installing a home surveillance device is the perfect way to help stop burglars. A simple security sign in your yard can serve as a deterrent, but a complete security system is preferable. If an alarm goes off when your door or window opens, for example, the chances of a thief breaking into your home are slim.
Also, take a look at these other suggestions:
-When you’re not at home, don’t leave your pet door open.
-Find a good hiding spot for your spare key, such as a lockbox or away from your house.
-Put your valuables in a save and keep it away from windows.
-Check the windows to make sure they’re closed on a regular basis.
-Keep the garage doors locked at all times
-Install motion-activated lighting on your home
-Even if you don’t have a dog, put up a “Beware of Dog” warning
-Secure your window air conditioner or place it in a window on the second floor.
-Avoid planting tall shrubs next to your house to give burglars a hiding spot.
-Immediately change the locks if you have moved into a new home.
When you leave for a vacation take these additional precautions:
-Set timers for all of the lights in your home
-Hire a house sitter or make arrangements for a friend or family member to visit on a regular basis
-Request that your mail be kept at the post office
-Don’t share pictures from your holiday on social media before you’ve returned.
It’s frightening to think of anyone breaking into your home, but the more secure your home appears to be, the less likely a burglar would be interested in it. Taking a few precautions, whether it’s triple-checking your windows and doors or just being a little more discreet about your major vacations, will go a long way toward keeping your home secure.



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