Approximately 67% of all burglaries happening in the United States target residential properties. This costs nearly 3.5 billion dollars in home property loss each year.
This makes security cameras a vital device for both the protection of the home and homeowner. Yet, a powerful digital camera won’t be enough. You will also need proper camera placement.
In some instances, you may want your cameras hidden from view, where they cannot be tampered with. You will still be able to place them in a prime location to capture any would-be intruders.
Here are some super great places to hide your indoor and outside cameras to make sure they are as beneficial as possible while remaining undamaged by potential intruders.
For Indoor Cameras
Hide the Cameras in Everyday Household Items: Items like stuffed animals, picture frames, tissue containers, and clocks are tremendous places to cover your cameras. Find an item that is the proper size to suit your camera and place it near the valuables in your area. This will make certain that the camera will capture anyone trying to take your valuable possessions.
How to hide outdoor security camera – Leverage High Places: Thieves are less likely to look up when breaking into your home. This makes high locations like the top of bookshelves or ceiling fans, or tops of hung art on the wall extremely good options to hide your camera. Test it before you decide on a location to ensure it will capture all the important areas clearly.
For Outdoor Cameras
Use a Doorbell Camera: a doorbell camera permits you to carefully watch your front door without the worry of hiding the camera. It is also at the best height so as to capture the burglar from head to toe. And because they are looking for other cameras around your entryway, the doorbell cam may go completely unnoticed.
Place the Cameras at the Right Height: The best height for outdoor cameras ( not including those kept near the ground) is anywhere from 8 to 9 feet from the ground. Anything higher could produce grainy or incomplete footage. Lower than 8 feet leave the camera vulnerable for removal or to be destroyed.
Use a Birdhouse: This is one of the more common places to conceal your camera, but it is also very effective. Place the birdhouse in a location that faces the front door and make sure there are no leaves or limbs masking the lens. You may also need to test this periodically and clear anything that obstructs the cameras’ view.
How to hide outdoor security camera – Finally, as a general rule for both indoor and outdoor cameras, you want to place them within the common points where a burglar will try and enter. That means in the entryway and the residing room for indoor cameras, and close to the front and back doors for outside cameras. More cameras may be needed in other places, but definitely make sure these places are covered first.
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