Kantech Access Control Grapevine:

  1. The Starter Kit. This kit provides a highly reliable and easy to use system. Being all inclusive this kit provides all you will need to get started and nothing is left to chance.
  2.  The Expansion Kit. This kit allows a business to expand as it grows in one, two and four door increments. Ideal for small and medium sized businesses.
  3.  Multidoor Controller Kits. This kit provides all the components to extend an access control system. From controllers to readers and tags you are covered. For larger businesses where time, space and budget are taken into consideration.
Access control in an extremely valuable asset to any business as it protects employees and assets. Access control helps to prevent burgulary and distrubtion to your daily operations.
Kantech Access Control Grapevine – Tracking access is an important advantage. You are quickly able to see who has gained access using an audit trail of activity.
Controlling access by using badges eliminates the need for keys which are easily copied. Employee badge privileges can easily be adjusted or deleted to prevent access or upgrade access upon status change. If installed on a networked system these tasks can be performed remotely.
For visual verification different color badges can be issued to different departments, visitors, vendors etc. Photo ID’s can also be added as an additional security measure.
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