Key Card Door Lock Systems:

Generally defined, keyless entry systems are systems that are designed to enable access to an area of a business that is restricted and/or limited; however, as opposed to needing a physical key to get into the area, you can instead use a different option such as a keycard.

Keyless entry systems typically come in many different options, but there are generally three different types that businesses are able to choose from in order to help ensure their full protection at all times.

Here is a list of the three most basic keyless entry systems, as well as how these specific systems work.

*One of the most basic types of keyless entry systems is the lock with key fob control, which is also commonly referred to as a proximity keyless entry system. This type of system makes it much easier for both visitors and employees to be able to obtain access to a building or interior area by simply tapping either a card or fob to the lock itself. Despite the fact that these systems are a bit more flexible in nature, the truth is that smart cards and fobs typically remain operational from a specific distance. Businesses of many different sizes will commonly utilize this type of system due to the fact that it’s simple for administrators to both activate and deactivate access at any time, as well as take immediate action in the event that a fob is either stolen or lost. On the other hand, in terms of more traditional systems, not only is this more time consuming, but it can also end up costing multiple work hours on a monthly basis.

*The smart lock, which is also commonly referred to as remote keyless entry systems, is designed to utilize various types of wireless options in order to enable access, such as Z-Wave, Bluetooth, or WiFi. Additionally, these locks are also able to utilize features such as a keycard access control system, a keyed lock, or a different combination of access controls in order to assist with locking and unlocking buildings. One of the most popular features of a smart lock system is remote control, which involves pairing the lock with other devices including a smartphone, keycard, or key fob, thereby allowing administrators to manage access remotely rather than in person.

*One other of the most basic types of keyless entry systems is the keyless lock with a combined keypad. Even though it includes an extra layer of security that’s simple to utilize, it’s important to note that it cannot be managed remotely, as this is something that requires professionals such as IT administrators and other types of office personnel to physically input the key code in order to resolve any potential issues or obtain access.