Key Fob Door Lock Systems:

Regardless of the reason why you may need one for your home, having a keyless lock is something that will provide the sheer benefit of not having to worry about having to carry multiple keys. In fact, there are many households who are choosing to have these types of locks installed, as they feel that something like this will meet all of their most basic security needs.

Here are four of the most popular types of keyless locks to consider making note of.

*Perhaps one of the most popular types of keyless lock is the SmartCode keypad deadbolt. This is a type of keyless lock that features an electronic keypad with a deadbolt and offers keyless entry combined with a backlit keypad with increased visibility. In terms of installation, this process is fairly easy, as is programming and use.

*Another of the most popular types of keyless lock is the digital deadbolt door lock. Considered to be a more simple door hardware upgrade, this type of lock comes with a basic smart locking function which can be accessed on a smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth technology. It’s important to note that this specific type of lock is not the same as a touchscreen deadbolt; however, provided you are within the Bluetooth range of the lock, you can lock and unlock it without any issue, as well as monitor who accesses the lock. Additionally, you will also be able to share, create, delete, and disable user codes at your own discretion.

*One other the most most popular types of keyless lock is the touchscreen keyless lock, which is often recommended for those who have more active lifestyles and those who have children. With this type of lock, all you need to do is simply provide users with a specific code, which they will need to enter on the lock’s touchscreen in order to obtain access to the home itself.

*Another of the most popular types of keyless lock is the Flex-lock and auto-lock keyless lock. In terms of the flex-lock keyless lock, this is a lock that allows an individual to completely control entry to all doors of a home. The flex-lock feature itself allows the user to set the lock to automatically relock after there has been inactivity for a total of five seconds – all that’s required is a specific access code that the user is able to create and delete. When it comes to the auto-lock keyless lock, on the other hand, this is one that locks automatically after a certain amount of time, such as three seconds or five seconds, after the lock has been opened.