When it comes to a keycard entry system, these are useful in terms of keeping your inventory, property, and employees completely secure if you own a business. This can include such factors as the following:

*Corporate offices


*Healthcare facilities


*Fitness centers

This specific type of technology is designed to restrict, manage, and control any and all unauthorized entry, as well as monitor all employee activity, completely eliminate stolen or lost keys, and offer technologies that save energy.

Generally defined, keycard entry systems are built on a special key fob or keycard and use magnetic, swipe, or ID cards that are read by an electronic device on a restricted entryway or door. Whenever an authorized guest or employee either inserts, taps, or swipes their keycard, the chip or strip on the card is then read, thereby granting access through a special code. Once the card reader accepts the credentials, the door will then unlock.

On the other hand, keycard entry systems can also be designed to restrict multiple other areas as well, such as the following:




Here are three of the most useful advantages of a keycard entry system to consider making note of.

*First and foremost, perhaps one of the most useful advantages of a keycard entry system involves access controls. This type of entry system is designed to control and maintain specific employee access levels in various types of buildings. This is something that can also especially apply to more corporate settings as well. Access levels are able to be established for contracted or temporary workers, as well as clients and other non-employees. This is something that can include delivery and service personnel, as well as a shorter-term project crew.

*Another useful advantage of a keycard entry system involves smart technology, as keycards are able to be fully integrated within a building’s current security management system and smart features. By working with your preferred service provider, you will be able to successfully facilitate easier system programming via a mobile app whenever you know you won’t be able to physically be on the site of the location of your business itself. Additionally, smart settings and alerts in real-time will be able to assist you with automating the thermostat, lights, security, cameras, and locks on your property as well.

*One other useful advantage involving a keycard entry system involves activity management and monitoring. This is something that can be extremely useful in the event of an internal issue involving personnel, as well as if an investigation were to end up requiring further information. Whenever this is combined with more security technologies, keycards will be able to provide assistance to law enforcement authorities in terms of properly identifying any and all insider threats. One possible option to consider is a trackable keycard system safety audit, which is something that is able to facilitate certain location and timestamp viewing; however, it’s important to note that this depends solely on the specific systems integration and type of your keycard reader.


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