Keyless Electronic RFID Card Reader Door Lock:

When it comes to losing a key, a major risk is created in the event that the key ends up in the hands of someone who shouldn’t. Additionally, replacing all the locks that they key is used for will end up costing a pretty penny, especially if the key was included as part of a key ring that included a collection of keys to every lock in the building or house.

Regardless, when it comes to the issue of security, it’s necessary to be as prepared as possible than have a concern about having to deal with any losses, which is where electronic key access control has its benefits. This is a type of system that is much more effective than something as traditional as security guards or a bounty of old keys.

Here are three of the biggest advantages utilizing electronic key access control in a commercial environment.

*Probably one of the biggest benefits of electronic key access control is you only have to remember one key. This means that you can lock and unlock each door that you require access to, so essentially, there will be no chance of you actually forgetting the key for a specific door. Although, if you get to a location that you require access to and find the system doesn’t recognize you, all you need to do is contact the network operator and inform them. At this point, they can instantly add either you or your supervisor to the list, thus allowing access.

*Another advantage with electronic key access control is that you will never need to bother changing locks. With this system, if a key card lost, all that needs to happen in response is for it to be deleted from the database and for a new one to be implemented. Additionally, if a particular employee ends up leaving your company and they had a key belonging to them, it’s just as important that you take all proper steps to ensure that no security protocols are violated. This means that you will need to immediately remove all of their access rights upon their separation from your company, which is something that takes only seconds to do.

*One other huge benefit with electronic key access control is that they keys themselves are extremely difficult to duplicate. In fact, it’s virtually impossible to duplicate them, meaning that your system is far more secure than one that uses traditional keys to access. While it’s extremely easy to duplicate physical keys (thereby increasing the chance of not knowing how many unauthorized copies may have been made), duplicating electronic key cards is something that requires a much higher degree of technical savvy.