Malware Network Takedown Dallas. International law enforcement authorities have successfully taken down the Flubot malware network, which is a form of malware that had been quickly spreading across multiple Android devices all around the world ever since December of 2020.

According to Europol, a collaboration between law enforcement authorities in a total of 11 countries resulted in the Flubot network being disrupted in early May by the Dutch police force, thereby resulting in the network being rendered inactive.

Those countries that participated in the joint effort, coordinated by the European Cybercrime Centre, include the following:









*The Netherlands

*United States

The centre teamed with national investigators in those countries affected in order to establish a joint strategy and offer digital support, as well as facilitating the exchange of operational information throughout multiple national entities.

According to Europol, the individuals responsible for Flubot are still at large; however, efforts to locate them remain ongoing.

Malware Network Takedown Dallas. Flubot is a malware network that spread through text messages, which were designed to bait Android users into clicking on a link before then installing an application that allegedly tracked a package delivery or offered a fake voicemail message. The link instead installed the Flubot trojan itself, which would then request permissions on the device that ultimately led to all kinds of fraudulent behavior.