When it comes to fire inspections, this is a task that can add to a schedule that may certainly already be busy enough. On the other hand, there are many different reasons as to why something like this can greatly benefit any and all businesses and building owners, especially in terms of having these types of inspections performed on an annual basis. The office fire alarm inspections information provided can apply to different establishments such as buildings, homes, and warehouses.

Here are four reasons as to why fire inspections are important for not only businesses, but also building owners as well.

*First and foremost, having a fire inspection conducted is important in order to avoid breaking the law. This is because fire inspections are a requirement per the NFPA 72, which is short for the National Fire Alarm Code, meaning that regularly conducting these types of inspections are designed to help with meeting all of the requirements of not just your local building department, but also your insurance company and fire inspectors as well. Perhaps the best way to ensure that you don’t end up breaking the law is to register for an automated fire inspection schedule.

*Another reason that fire inspections are important for both businesses and building owners involves fire safety itself. In other words, the inspections should be performed annually in order to ensure that the occupants of the buildings are safe from any and all possible fire threats. By ensuring that regular testing, maintenance, and inspection is performed, you will be making sure that residents, employees, and guests will be able to utilize a safer working and living environment. Furthermore, in the event that you were to have a faulty fire alarm, not only would this end up wasting important city resources, but it can also place lives in danger as well.

*One other reason as to why fire inspections are important for building owners and businesses involves lost money, jobs, and customers. It’s important to keep in mind that while all fires don’t always cost lives, they do always end up costing something. For instance, not only can they end up resulting in a loss of customers for a business, but a fire can also result in a loss of employees for a business as well. In fact, statistics show that approximately up to 80% of small businesses that end up experiencing a fire end up closing without being able to reopen. On the other hand, those businesses that do end up reopening experience increased absences, which end up resulting in a long-term loss of the existing customer base. Furthermore, there is also the damage repair costs that is involved as well, which can be extremely expensive even with insurance assistance.

*Another reason why fire inspections are important for both building owners and businesses is because it results in reductions of insurance premiums, as well as a limited amount of liability. Oftentimes, insurance companies will offer all sorts of different discounts and business premium reductions for fire protection systems that have been installed properly, as well as properly maintained and monitored. By ensuring that the proper procedure is followed, business owners will be able to limit the amount of liability that they face in terms of any and all potential injuries that may be suffered by employees, tenants, and guests. Additionally, your insurance company may end up rejecting a claim that you file in the event that you are unable to provide proof of a fire inspection that has been regularly scheduled and completed.

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