Open Path Security Dallas – A mobile application that allows you to gain access to your office, similar to how Android and Apple Pay help you to contactless pay for your coffee every morning.
     The plus side to Mobile Credentials
        1. More secure
            a. Mobile phones cannot be cloned like a keycard. All smart phones require user authentication, password, fingerprint, or facial ID
            b. Digital badges improve security by providing businesses with visual ID verification. Also, all access events are logged
            c. All communication is encrypted
            d. People are more likely to notice their phone missing opposed to a key fob or ID badge.
            e. Communication tools are built into the app. Users can connect with the correct person to troubleshoot issues, report problems, and give                              feedback. This reduces costly vulnerabilities and improves experiences.
        2. More Convenient
            a. Smart phones are the KEY
            b. Visual ID is still a benefit
            c. Issuing and revoking credentials is an easy task. Openpath integrates with G-Suite, Active Directory and Okta, so managing users seperately is                  a thing of the past.
            d. Guest Pass will give temporary mobile credentials to visitors without having to download the app.
            e. Even with multiple offices, your mobile credentials will work for all of them.
        3. Cost Effective
            a. Flat rates to accommodate businesses of all sizes.
            b. Credentials are managed in the CLOUD
            c. Less time managing cards and key fobs
Remote access features bridge Physical and Cyber Security. Top features include
  1. Touchless wave to unlock
  2.  Mobile badges are customized to each user
  3.  Custom fields are available for additional information such as title, department etc.
  4.  Automatic entry detection
  5.  Tutorials to train new users
  6.  Remote unlock for all doors within your company
  7.  Guest Passes
  8.  Communication in real-time
  9.  Remote lockdown
  10.  IT- approved sign on
Open Path Security Dallas also supports customers who want to use ID cards and key fobs, but with the convenience and cost savings of mobile credentials why choose anything else.
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