With summer fast approaching, cookouts and parties to prepare for, and long warm nights to enjoy, it is now time to pay attention to your home’s outdoor space.
You won’t be the only one doing so. Summer is another prime time for burglars. It’s the season of open windows, open back doors, and garages, and let’s not forget long vacations.
Outside security is the first line of defense for your home. Are you prepared? Is a potential intruder deterred at first glance, or interested in a closer look?
Outdoor security essentials are available as part of Alarm.com-powered security system and will give you peace of mind all summer long.
  1. Smart Security Camera
Smart security cameras will alert you if there is activity outside. This system will tell you if it is an animal, person, or vehicle and if they are on your property or not. Customize video alerts to see what you want to know about.
Along with sending you live recorded footage of your outdoor space; cameras send a clear message: I have a smart home security system. That’s enough to keep potential burglars away.
  1. Smart Lighting
Automated outdoor lighting, set off by your Alarm.com image sensors or smart security cameras, gives intruders nowhere to hide after dark.
If you are going on vacation, you can easily set up smart lighting schedule to give the impression that you are home.
  1. Contact Sensors
Outdoor Home Security – A little information goes a long way with Alarm.com. Sensors are installed on doors and windows and will alert your monitoring service to a break-in, remind you to lock up, or let you know that your family has left.
When kids are on school break, contact sensors become a necessary outdoor safeguard for parents. They give you a new way to keep tabs on your pool gate, yard gate door, garage, or other areas you want to keep off-limits.
  1. Doorbell Camera
With an overabundance of package thieves and dishonest people out here, an Alarm.com Doorbell Camera is a great form of deterrence for your front porch. They have motion-triggered video signals, live video feed and two-way voice, you are able to see and speak to visitors from anywhere, they don’t even have to ring the doorbell.
If you are expecting a delivery or late party guest, just open your Alarm.com app and when the doorbell rings, verify your visitor and unlock the door with your app and Alarm.com powered smart lock.
  1. Smart Garage Door Opener
Outdoor Home Security – We all enjoy long walks, bike rides, and vacations during the summer months. And what happens if you forget to close the garage door? With Alarm.com powered garage door controller and you can fix that.
Alarm.com will know and send you a reminder. Just open your app and close the garage door. It’s as easy as 1 2 3.
A local security provider can quickly determine your home’s needs and provide all of the about, with first-class security features, professional monitoring, and a single smartphone app to control all of it.
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