Property crime Dallas According to recent data, the city of Dallas has experienced a one-year high in property crimes throughout the past month. The overall peak of this was marked between June 28 and July 5, which showed approximately 1,453 property crimes reported. Additionally, there were also reports of both general and violent crimes that had been heightened during that same week; however, each of these then experienced a drop during the last couple of weeks.

The data further shows that the following took place in the city of Dallas:

*326 property crimes

*180 other forms of crimes

*64 violent crimes

*1 nonviolent crime

*0 financial crimes

In terms of crime trends, these were shown to have remained either steady or slowed in Dallas ever since the spring season. The only exception to this was property crimes. In the Lake Highlands area, the most common type of crime that was shown to have occurred in recent days was property related, as well as crimes that have been officially categorized as “other.”

Lake Highlands currently partners with the Dallas Police Department, the Northeast Community Engagement Unit, and the City of Dallas, as well as shares information with the Northeast station in order to help provide crime tips and certain trends to help with allowing them to target specific areas on a more efficient basis within the area itself. Additionally, they are also focused on establishing a public safety and crime watch program, which works to improve personal safety for both residents and families who currently live in the Lake Highlands area. Furthermore, they also believe that safer retail areas will help to create more desirable shopping and business destinations for possible investors, visitors, and residents alike.

Throughout the last 100 days, crimes that have taken place in the city of Dallas typically occurred throughout the early hours of Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, as well as in the early and late evening hours of Wednesday and Friday, according to additional data that has been presented.

In Dallas County, there has been shown to be a rate of roughly 35 crimes per total of 1,000 residents back in 2019, with a total of more than 92,000 crimes having been reported. Other crime rates by county in the state of Texas per 1,000 residents are as follows in a few of the following counties, as an example:

*Potter County: 79.05

*Caldwell County: 50.34

*Lubbock County: 48.95

*Bexar County: 44.71

*Dawson County: 42.27

*Howard County: 41.65

*Harris County: 40.32

*Nueces County: 39.88

*Ector County: 39.71

According to additional 2019 data, the city of Dallas had 2.26 police officers per total of 1,000 residents, and there was also a total of 3,075 police officers for a population of more than 1.3 million people.

Property crime Dallas Additionally, further 2019 data shows that the total number of police officers per population in Texas are as follows in a few of the following counties, as an example:

*Sunset Valley: 19.03

*Westover Hills: 16.06

*South Padre Island: 9.63

*Hill Country Village: 9.02

*Kemah: 8.75

*Shenandoah: 8.12

*Arp: 6.89

*Highland Park: 6.27

*Hedwig Village: 5.96

Service areas include:

Dallas, TX
Addison, TX
Allen, TX
Carrollton, TX
Coppell, TX
Denton, TX
Farmers Branch, TX
Frisco, TX
Little Elm, TX
McKinney, TX
Prosper, TX