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Americans are in the throes of summer and enjoying vacations after a long period of COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns and stay-at-home orders. If you are headed out to take part in some rest and relaxation away from home, remember to secure your house while you are away. Here are five tips for protecting your home when you go on vacation.

#1 Lock up!

The first and easiest tip for protecting your home when you go on vacation is also one of the most overlooked: locking your doors and windows. This is extremely important to remember because home invaders can access doors and windows to gain entrance to your house very easily. Many burglaries are the result of giving thieves easy access to a house, simply because a homeowner forgets to lock up before leaving.

#2 Hold your mail…

When you go away on vacation, your mail still gets delivered to your house. It can pile up, which is a clear sign to burglars that no one is at home; it makes your house a much easier target. To avoid the pile-up of mail while you are gone, simply request a temporary mail hold through the US Postal Service (online or in-person at your local post office). Alternatively, you can ask a trusted neighbor, friend, or family member to collect your mail until you return.

#3 Let there be light!

Make good use of security lighting when you go on vacation. Darkness is another tip-off to burglars that your house is empty and an easy target, and it provides an opportunity for thieves to enter undetected. Using a combination of outdoor motion detector lighting and timed lighting that you can set and control remotely from a smart device can help you keep your house lit well enough to deter intruders to some extent.

#4 Maintain your yard.

Make sure your landscaping is maintained before you go. An unkempt yard suggests that no one is at hand to do yard work. Leaving your yard in good shape when you go away is key, especially if you will be gone for a long time. Even if you usually take care of landscape maintenance yourself, you should consider hiring someone to continue your yard maintenance when you take a long vacation.

#5 Don’t share your vacation on social media!

Don’t share about your vacation on social media channels until after you return from your trip. Sharing travel plans before your vacation and posting about your experiences during your time away is like advertising that your house will be empty to anyone who sees that information. In this technological age, it is easier than ever for potential thieves to access social media to take note of the dates you will be away and to map the location of your home.

BONUS TIP: have a home security system professionally installed and monitored! Home security systems will keep your home safe by alerting a professional monitoring company of intruders which allows them to contact and send the authorities to your house. They also often have elements for sending homeowners similar notifications via a smartphone app.

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Written by Erika Mehlhaff


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