As COVID-19 vaccinations increase and the threat of the pandemic diminishes somewhat, summer is sliding into view. Americans are looking forward to summer with their sights set on escaping for long-awaited vacations. While you’re out enjoying your summer break this year, you shouldn’t have to unpack worries about the security of your home.

Having a professionally installed and monitored home security system can give you the peace of mind you need while on vacation. With a monitored home security system, your alarm company will contact the authorities for you if someone breaks into your house or trespasses on your property. A home security system is your best first line of defense against property crime, but there are other things you can do to keep your home and belongings safe while you are away. Read on for five additional home security tips.

  1. Lock Your Windows and Doors

You might think this tip is obvious, but that’s why locking up is one of the easiest tasks to overlook. It’s easy to forget that you have left a window or door open. Many burglars gain access to a home through an unlocked window or door. Before you leave for your vacation, check your windows and doors to ensure they shut completely and have functional locking mechanisms; then verify they’re secure on the day you leave. And don’t forget about your garage door! You might leave it open inadvertently while packing for your trip—many homeowners forget to secure the garage before a vacation, giving burglars another easy entry point to their houses.

  1. Keep Valuables Out of Sight

Ensure that your valuables and expensive possessions are removed from plain sight before going on vacation. Stash items such as computers, phones, and jewelry in closets or drawers so they don’t tempt burglars. Any valuables in cars left in the driveway also should be hidden from view or brought inside before you go; this includes garage door openers, especially if your garage is connected to your home, which burglars often use to access a home. Another tip is to keep a photo or video inventory of your valuables.

  1. Put Your Mail on Hold

Before you leave for vacation, a key task is to put a hold on mail delivery. An overflowing mailbox signals burglars that you and your family are not home. Plus, mail theft is a related crime that can be avoided by temporarily halting your mail service. Putting your mail on hold will help protect your home, your assets, and your identity while you are away on vacation.

  1. Don’t Leave Spare Keys Hidden Near Your House

Leaving a spare key outside your house is like inviting burglars to enter! You might think you have hidden your key well, but burglars know where to look and often uncover keys quickly and easily. Keeping spare keys stashed outside your house is unsafe, so consider leaving a key with a trusted neighbor instead. And again, if you leave a car in the driveway, remove the garage door remote so a burglar can’t use it to gain entry.

  1. Do Your Yard Work

Mowing the lawn and trimming shrubbery and trees is essential all year, but especially before a vacation. A tidy yard suggests that someone is or has recently been at home, which can help deter burglars who might otherwise think that no one is there to do upkeep or that the home is vacant. It also helps because burglars can’t easily conceal themselves to break into your home. Consider scheduling lawn maintenance, especially if you will be on a long vacation.


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Written by: Erika Mehlhaff



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