Robbery Prevention Dallas- There are a few perilous aspects of owning a business. The threat of armed robbery is perhaps the most serious. A commercial robbery occurs every four minutes in the United States, amounting to around 100,000 robberies per year. That is why preventing robberies is so crucial.

Armed robbery differs from burglary and theft in that it is a crime against individuals rather than goods. Even if often robberies do not result in injuries to victims, this is more often due to chance than planning.

A robbery prevention plan will help the company reduce the chances of being robbed. Knowing what to do if your company is robbed might save the lives of your employees and customers.

Prevention Tips:

Make clear eye contact with customers while greeting them-

Greeting customers when they enter the store not only improves customer service, but it also sends the message that everyone entering the store has been noticed.

Be wary of responding to probing questions-

Questions about your businesses opening and closing time are to be anticipated, but questions or phone calls about your businesses alarm system or how many employees are on duty at any given time? These should raise some red flags, and respectfully declining to provide such information is a fair and intelligent way to handle the situation.

Maintain visibility throughout the store-

Enable as much exposure as possible from the outside, allowing customers to see inside the shop. This effort alone could be enough to discourage some would-be robbers. Poor lighting is one of the most significant obstacles to preserving a good field of vision. People outside the company should be able to see people inside if the interior lighting is bright enough.

Be sure to check your lighting for visibility both during the day and at night and change any burned-out bulbs as soon as possible. Install motion sensors that fill an area with light when motion is detected to eliminate any dark areas around your building and parking lots.

Lighting is just one factor to consider.

At all times, visibility from the register area to the street should be maintained.

As a result, be careful not to block the view of the cash register by hanging signs or placing screens on windows or around the sales counter. Concave mirrors may be hung in areas that are obscured by shelving or walls to remove any blind spots.

Create a cash management strategy

Robbers are really interested in making money. They’ll also be checking to see if you have big bills in the register while they’re snooping around the shop. That’s why a low cash strategy is crucial. Holding the least amount of cash on the property as possible is a smart way to help stop a robbery. Often, make sure that a note to the effect is posted where customers can see it.

Counting money and making bank deposits should be done discreetly

The existence of huge sums of money is too tempting to pass up. Don’t invite a burglary into your shop by treating money carelessly. ​When counting large sums of cash or making a bank deposit, do so quietly-preferably in the back room while another employee handles the register in the front, or when the store is empty.

Depending on your industry, you might want to use an armored car service to make bank deposits. If this isn’t a choice for you, make sure to vary your bank routes as well as your deposit times. Also, if possible, bring a second person with you.

If you’re going to the bank, don’t make it obvious. When making a deposit, leave your dress, apron, or name tag at home, and do your best to hide the money in a paper lunch bag, a purse, or a shopping bag. If possible, stop depositing late at night.

Consider investing in a security system-

The installation of a business security system in your building is an outstanding deterrent to would-be robbers.
An alarm company monitors business security systems 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and notifies the police if they are triggered.

Installing surveillance cameras is also a good idea.

They are effective not only as a robbery deterrent, but also as a tool for detecting a thief after a robbery has occurred.

Finally, if your company has an alarm system, make sure security signs and stickers are prominently displayed at all points of entry.

What you should do during a robbery:

During a robbery, what you or your workers do can have a huge effect on how the situation turns out. That is why it is important to note a few key points.

Maintain your composure-

It might seem unrealistic to ask someone to remain calm during a robbery, but drawing too much attention to the situation may trigger panic and put lives in danger. Keep in mind that most robbers are only interested in obtaining money or property, not harming their victims. They’re sometimes a little jittery. As a result, the calmer you are, the less likely the thief will become angry or threatening.


Robbers are only interested in your money or goods, and people who are willing to cooperate are seldom harmed. As a result, give them what they want as soon as possible. Handle the situation as if you were dealing with a client, just don’t put them off in any way. Slowing down your actions in the hopes of attracting help just puts lives in danger.

Remain observant-

Being vigilant is the strongest defense. Collect as much information as possible; sometimes, the facts are the most useful to the cops. Observe in a systematic manner. Make a mental note of the suspect’s ethnic origin, gender, age, height, weight, hair color, eye color, and any other distinguishing characteristics.

Take notice of the mask worn, and if a weapon is present, just look at it for a brief moment to recognize it. From then on, pay attention to the thief.

Observe the robber’s hands. If the robber isn’t wearing gloves, something they touch could leave a traceable fingerprint. Even, if it’s possible to do so, try to watch the robbers exit route. Concentrate on the make, model, year, color, license plate number and issuing state when a vehicle is involved.
When using a silent alarm, be cautious-

If your business has a silent or duress warning, don’t use it during a robbery unless it’s a life-threatening situation. Even then, you can only use it if you are certain, you can do so without being detected. Don’t take any risks. Property isn’t worth more than people’s lives.



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