School buses. Almost a rite of passage for children. The large, loud yellow bus approaches, gathering your friends so you can sit together and the bumpy ride to and from school. The busing system oversees transporting millions of children daily to and from school. School bus surveillance cameras Dallas – While not much has changed one key component has been video surveillance. It has proved to be an excellent safety tool – and not just for keeping our children safe.
 Benefits of School Bus Video Surveillance
  1. Protecting Children- Kids are wild and full of energy, inevitably this will lead to bus safety rules being overlooked as they clown around. Cameras will allow the driver help in keeping these rowdy passengers in check.
  2. Protects the Bus- There are a specific set of road rules for bus drivers as well as rule that other motorist must follow when driving around school buses to ensure the safety of the cherished riders inside. Ramifications for these rules being violated can be devastating and fines steep. Cameras outside the bus can help to identify those motorists who illegally pass buses, or to spot dangerous driver behavior.
  3. Remote Monitoring- Thanks to IP cameras and wireless networking, remote viewing and immediate response is possible. Buses equipped with the wireless IP video system, operating with wireless “mesh” network can instantaneously transmit footage of violation, making it easy to ticket offenders.
  4. Video Analytics- This can improve the performance of the in-bus camera system. In camera analytics can be a great help to drivers who have problems with motorists. Video analytic cameras programmed to recognize license plates can help in catching violators.

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