There’s no better way to guarantee a sentence for the culpable and reclaim stolen items for the innocent than by catching a criminal in the act. With numbers from the Agency for Domestic Statistics showing that crime is up by over 9% – which is the biggest annual rise for a 10 year period – it’s never been more important to increase your watchfulness and tighten down on junior-grade theft and malicious mischief.

Here are some ways in which you can remain ahead of the criminals and prevent their villainous schemes by catching them in the act. They will be the difference between you being broke and the suspect in jail.

Surveillance never lies

Security cameras Dallas TX – The best hindrance against crime is a high-tech security system. Evildoers are less likely to try to invade your house or workplace if they believe their movements are being monitored – but even if they do test their skills, surveillance footage can provide irrefutable evidence in getting them arrested and reunite you with your stolen possessions. If you don’t already use surveillance at your property, consider adding it today.

Tracking methods

Security cameras Dallas TX – The unstoppable march of high tech has made life easier in many ways – including fighting criminals. With phone-finding apps available for almost all phones, you can trace the location of your cell at the press of a button. You can even use the same principle to trace your portable devices, by tracing their IP addresses. There are also smart photograph applications, which take a photo of a user when someone tries to get in with the incorrect code. Now that’s what we call high tech.

Call in forensic help

With all this advanced alchemy in play nowadays, it’s easy to forget about the foundational methods of catching evildoers. This science has come a long way over the last two centuries, but dusting for prints is still a great way to entail an offender. Therefore, search your home or workplace for traces of the trespasser once you’ve determined a break-in has taken place. As well as fingerprints, this could include blood, saliva, or any other substance left behind by the malefactor.

Step up the home safety net

In addition to surveillance, it’s a good idea to make sure your home or business is well-protected in other ways. An economical intruder alert system can quickly let you know when someone has illegally entered your property, with the option of notifying the authorities at the same time. What’s more- modern developments in technology mean that wireless alarm systems are now available, causing minimal disruption to existing decorations and ease of use.

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