Thanks to multiple innovations in terms of smart home technology, including internet-connected appliances and voice assistants, this has certainly become the best time to grow older while still remaining in your own home, especially since homes are now becoming much more efficient and safer for elderly individuals

Regardless of whether you are seeking to build up an infrastructure of smart house technology for an elderly loved one or even for yourself as you get older, there are many types of useful smart devices that will be able to contribute to making your home safer.

Here are four of the most useful smart home devices for senior safety to consider making note of.

*First and foremost, perhaps one of the most useful smart home devices for senior safety is a fall detection sensor. While motion sensors are always extremely useful for detecting intruders, there are some companies that have constructed algorithms that are designed to detect falls as well. These types of sensors are considered to be extremely important to install in the homes of elderly individuals, especially since falls, slips, and trips are major concerns. Furthermore, by connecting these sensors directly to the family, friends, and first responders, lives will be able to be successfully saved as a result.

*Another of the most useful smart home devices for senior safety is a security camera, which is something else that can also be a major benefit whenever they are strategically placed, such as next to the front door, as this will enable the homeowner to be able to determine quickly who is at their door before they even decide to answer it. Additionally, multiple cameras will be able to be placed throughout the home itself, which will allow family members to regularly check in on their elderly loved ones thanks to 24/7 monitoring in order to ensure that they are safe.

*A smart pill dispenser is another useful smart home device for senior safety as well, as it will allow your elderly loved ones to load their medications and program them to be dispensed and available according to the schedule that has been officially prescribed by their doctor. Even better is the fact that some of these dispensers come equipped with locking features that are designed to prevent issues such as theft and accidental overdoses. This is because, according to statistics released by the National Institute of Health, approximately 77% of elderly women are the most susceptible to overdosing on medications.

*One other of the most useful smart home devices for senior safety is a voice-activated assistant. For instance, thanks to these types of devices, your elderly family member will be able to perform tasks such as make purchases if the devices themselves are connected to a payment-enabled account, as well as tell them all about the current news and weather conditions, set kitchen timers, and control other smart home-enabled devices such as the television and lights. Additionally, these devices can also establish automatic reminders for weekly, monthly, and daily tasks, place calls in the event of an emergency, and obtain voice-activated first aid instructions.


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