Welcome to the Dyezz Surveillance & Access blog. We service the Dallas, Texas area with all your security needs. We also enjoy writing about the areas we work in such as Dallas, Texas. Enjoy this article about things to do in Dallas!

Here are three great things to consider doing in Dallas.

*First and foremost, one great thing to consider doing in Dallas is visiting the George W. Bush Presidential Center. Named after the 43rd President of the United States, who is also a Texas native, this facility is a state of the art facility that resides on the campus of Southern Methodist University in Dallas. It’s also the home to the George W. Bush Library and Museum, as well as the George W. Bush Institute. At the Library and Museum, you’ll find exhibits that are both special and permanent, as well as a precise replica of the Oval Office, twisted beams from the now-destroyed World Trade Center, and more.

*Another great thing to do in Dallas is visiting the African American Museum. This facility is housed in four vaulted galleries and explores the African American experience through both displays and exhibits. It’s also the only institution of its kind in the Southwest that offers an extensive collection of both African American and African art, as it features one of the biggest folk art collections in the United States.

*One other great thing to consider doing in Dallas is visiting the Dallas World Aquarium. This facility offers many different exhibits, such as a rainforest exhibit with exotic birds, an aquarium exhibit with various forms of marine life, and even a South Africa exhibit that features animals such as sharks, sawfish, rays, and more. Other animals that can commonly be seen in the facility include sloths, crocodiles, otters, seadragons, hummingbirds, eagles, crabs, and jellyfish.


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