Self Monitoring Security Systems Dallas – There are a plethora of technologies and systems available to secure your home and loved ones in today’s safety conscious world. You can install your own device and track what’s going on , or you can hire a company like Dyezz to monitor your system 24 hours a day 7 days a week, ensuring that your home is safe whether you are home or not.

However, there are some major downfalls to not having your home professionally monitored.

Lack of Support: With a self-monitored system, no one is watching your back. That means you have an expensive set of cameras instead of a security system that isn’t doing anything to protect you.

With a controlled security system, you still have a second pair of eyes watching over your house. If a sensor is tripped, a window is broken, or someone gains access by some unauthorized means, it is detected and dealt with quickly. Nobody wants to watch home videos of their home being ransacked with nothing being done about it.

There’s No Guarantee of Arrest: If you depend on self-monitoring your home and anything goes wrong, there is no guarantee that you’ll be see justice. You may have video of the suspects in action and may even be able to recognize them, but there is no guarantee that they will be arrested and prosecuted. Although having a monitored system does not guarantee that offenders will be deterred, the chances are better because police will be alerted as soon as something goes wrong.

Slow Reaction Time: In a self-monitored home thieves will have a run of the place for quite some time because you are relying on yourself to notice an occurrence as it occurs, or on one of your neighbors to notice and try and do something about it.

This scenario is likely to occur, particularly in today’s two-income households where no one is home during the day. If this is the case, there will be no police or fire services sent, leaving you in the cold.

Major Coverage Flaws: Let’s face it, you can’t watch your cameras 24 hours a day, and even though you have the system set to alert you if anything happens, there are moments when you won’t be able to watch them. You may be in a business meeting, in an environment where cell phone coverage is poor, or your phone’s battery could have died. Furthermore, you may be out of town or asleep when the message arrives, leaving you utterly powerless to respond.

Maintenance: If you have a self-monitored system, you are the one who is responsible for any system maintenance. Checking and repairing defective motion detectors, door and window alarms, malfunctioning keypads, and variety of other potential issues are only a few examples. If you don’t program your device to run regular self-tests, some of them could stop working without your knowledge, making your home more vulnerable to burglary.

Safety: Perhaps the most important issues, and one that is often ignored. Most people consider installing surveillance systems for when they are not at home, whether to keep an eye on their property and possessions, their pets or simply for peace of mind. But what about those occasions when everyone is at home? Let’s say something happens when you’re at work and your wife and kids are at home. Would you want to take a chance with a self-monitored system, hoping to see what’s going on and respond quickly? With a monitored system, however, the authorities can be alerted immediately, and emergency services can be deployed, keeping you and your family secure.



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