Senior home security Dallas According to statistics, perhaps the most prevalent crime in the United States is burglary, as there are approximately 2.5 million home invasions committed each and every year, which equates to one every 13 seconds. Many of the homes that are often seen as prime targets are those that belong to senior citizens, and despite this, there are some important tips that can be utilized in order to help protect both them and everything that remains important to them.

Here are three important senior home security tips to consider making note of.

*One important tip is to make sure that all doors are kept locked. Letting your guard down can be normal, especially if you live in a safe neighborhood; however, seniors should always remember that a crime can happen at virtually any time. This means that all doors that lead outside should always remain locked at all times in order to ensure their safety.

*Another important tip is to never publicly advertise any travel plans that you may have. This means that seniors should always try their best to keep any and all potential travel plans to themselves, regardless of how long they may be gone, or even just telling a few trusted people. If they decide to either publicly talk about such plans or post about them on social media, this could serve as an invitation for burglars to target their home while they’re gone.

Senior home security Dallas *One other useful tip is to keep all of your personal information stored within a safe place. In the event that a senior citizen does end up having their home broken into, personal information of any kind is the last thing that they want a criminal getting their hands on. This means that documentation such as birth certificates, passports, financial documents, etc. should be kept locked either in a safe or other form of secure location.

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