With the world becoming more centered around technology these days, it’s becoming much safer for seniors to remain comfortable in their own homes as opposed to having to move to assisted living facilities. Thanks to technology, seniors essentially have no hindrance at all when it comes to being able to live their lives and go about their normal everyday routines.

Here are three of the most useful devices that are designed to ensure that seniors are able to remain safe while at home.

*First and foremost, perhaps one of the most useful devices to ensure that seniors are able to remain safe at home is a home security system. Regardless of whether you want to look after your elderly loved one yourself when they insist that they don’t require any assistance or if you’re a healthcare provider who simply wants to keep an eye on an in-home patient while you run daily errands, many of these types of 24/7 monitoring systems come equipped with features such as real-time high definition video that makes you feel like you’re in the same room with them. Additionally, they also have video recording with cloud storage for up to 30 days and sirens that are able to be remotely controlled. Even better is the fact that everything is able to be controlled through a special mobile app, meaning that you can essentially skip through any confusing setup processes and get right to protecting your loved ones.

*Another useful device to help ensure that seniors are able to remain safe at home is a fall detector. One of the best features of this type of 24/7 monitoring device is a technology that will automatically alert a senior’s loved ones whenever they slip and fall. This is achieved via the use of a waterproof neck pendant or wrist button, which is a device that many of these devices often come with. Additionally, another great feature involving these devices is the fact that they often include zero-obligation pricing, as well as 24/7 monitoring services on a live basis.

*One other useful type of device that is designed to help ensure that seniors are able to remain safe at home is motion sensor lighting. One of the main components of this type of technology is that it’s able to easily screw directly into existing light sockets, which allows for easy installation as a result. Furthermore, thanks to the fact that it senses motion in practically any direction, you will be able to rest easy knowing that regardless of where your elderly loved one goes in their home, they will always have a room that is well-lit, meaning that they will be able to navigate freely without having to worry about tripping and falling over anything such as rugs and/or furniture pieces. This type of device can be especially useful for those seniors who tend to get up multiple times throughout the night as well. Another great feature regarding this device is that it can also conserve energy by automatically switching off whenever you leave the room, as well as being compatible with fluorescent light bulbs that are up to 50 watts and incandescent light bulbs that are up to 100 watts.


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