Small Business Cybersecurity Texas. According to recent data released by, less than 30% of small businesses throughout the United States consider cybersecurity as being an important priority to invest in.

This is opposed to approximately 62% of small businesses in the United States who consider breaches of security as being a major threat to their overall business growth.

Other factors that small businesses see as being a priority include the following:

*Financial software such as bill payment, accounting, and more.

*Productivity software such as Microsoft Office, Google Apps, and more.

*Customer relationship management systems and applications.

Jack Turner, the Deputy Editor of, has stated the following in regards to this:

“With cyberattacks on the increase, and ransomware attacks capable of crippling companies financially, not investing in cybersecurity in order to save a few bucks could prove an incredibly costly decision.”

Additional research has also shown that there are some industries who remain more blind to the threat than others, such as the following:




Small Business Cybersecurity Texas. Some of the most notable results as part of this data include the following:

*71% of businesses see cybersecurity as a major threat to their growth

*63% of this includes small businesses

*Less than 30% of small businesses viewed security as being an investment priority; they instead considered financial, productivity, and customer relationship management software more important

*78% of medium businesses and 83% of large businesses view cybersecurity as being a threat to their overall growth and consider it a “top three priority” in terms of budgeting