Types of Access Control Systems:

One of the most important steps that you can take is ensuring that your home or business is fully protected. Even better is the fact that there are all sorts of amazing options to choose from depending on the type of security that you’re looking for in terms of access control.

Here are five of the most popular types of access control systems for homes and businesses.

*Perhaps one of the most popular types of access control systems for homes and businesses involves key fobs and card readers. Both of these are able to work with devices that read all of the authorized codes stored within them in order to unlock doors. Whenever one of these is waved across a reader within a specific proximity, the lock will disengage automatically. In terms of whether a card or key fob would be better, there really is no difference, as it really comes down to preference – both options work the same.

*Another popular type of access control system for homes and businesses is a camera doorbell. This is an option that will enable you to see who is outside your door whenever they come to it, all while you won’t even have to get up to open the door itself. You will be able to obtain access to the camera itself through the video feed, which you can access on your tablet, smartphone, or other preferable electronic device. Even better, you will be able to actually speak to the person on the other side of the door as well.

*One other popular access control system for both homes and businesses is the audit trail. This is a feature that can track who has accessed a specific door, as well as when it was accessed. This is an option generally utilized by businesses in order to track unauthorized entry attempts. If this system is used, businesses will usually provide access cards to employees and program them to work only during specific hours, meaning that if someone tries to go into an area outside of those hours, they will be denied and the attempt will be flagged.

*Remote control door locks are another popular type of access control system commonly used by both homes and businesses. This means that, essentially, when it comes to your business, you can allow access to your office door to outsiders only when you deem it necessary, and you can unlock the door itself without even having to get up. Additionally, you can also utilize your smartphone to control access via voice commands to unlock doors remotely.

*Another popular type of access control system is the electric strike. This is a metal plate that is installed on a door frame that can be unlocked via remote electrical control. They can also be programmed to lock or unlock doors at specific times, as well as a user’s access level.