Types of Fire Safety Equipment- When it comes to buildings that are either residential or commercial in nature, there are all sorts of useful safety devices that can be installed and utilized in order to help prevent fires from breaking out and causing untold amounts of damage.

Here are three of the most useful types of fire safety devices to consider making note of.

*First and foremost, sprinkler systems are a great type of fire safety device, as they are considered to be the very first line of defense against a fire that breaks out. Typically, sprinkler systems are equipped with special sensors that are able to detect the heat from a fire, which then causes them to immediately activate water flows wherever the fire itself may be.

*Fire alarms are another extremely important type of fire safety device, especially when it comes to saving the lives of those who are in a building that is currently being affected by a fire. Whenever fire alarms go off, not only do they let those in a building know what’s happening, but they can also inform your local fire department of the issue as well. Even better is the fact that there are multiple types of fire alarms that are available for residential and commercial properties with options that are able to be implemented depending on the owners’ preferences.

*One other important type of fire safety device is a fire extinguisher, as this is considered to be the best immediate tool that can be utilized in terms of fighting and suppressing a fire in a building. Fire extinguishers are great for both putting out a fire and preventing a fire itself from spreading to other locations in the building. Generally, fire extinguishers should always be kept in areas such as the kitchen, garage, master bedroom, and near any outdoor cooking areas.


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