Water Leak Detection Equipment Dallas- Water leaks in residential, commercial, and industrial settings may quickly cause significant harm. In order to protect physical locations and valuable properties, it is important to install a reliable water detection system. Water sensors provide reliable security and allow for real-time notification of water presence, allowing for fast and effective response.

Water leak sensors should be installed in locations where water damage may occur, such as the laundry room, water heater closet, toilet, under your kitchen sink, and so on, just as smoke detectors should be installed in each of your home’s bedrooms and common areas.

How water sensors work:

There are two contacts on each sensor probe. The device detects a film of water forming a bridge between these contacts and activates the alarm output. Then you’ll get a phone call or text message.

  • Condensation or high humidity would not cause the sensor to sound the alarm.
  • Condensation and humidity do not cause false alarms
  • Can monitor up to 6 sensor probes-up to 100 ft away
  • Can detect absence of water

Designed to detect conductive liquids that aren’t flammable
Water sensors are very inexpensive to install, and the security they offer is immense. Water detectors can be quickly added to most existing devices without requiring a significant upgrade. We strongly advise adding this security to every new installation. Call us today at 214-892-6195 for a free no obligation quote.



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